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Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov

Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov

Who did Arthur C. Clarke say was the best science fiction writer?

Isaac Asimov.

Isaac Asimov?

Yep. Isaac Asimov.

And who did Isaac Asimov say was the best science writer?

Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C. Clarke?

Yep. Arthur C. Clarke.

But haven't you gotten these gentlemen switched about? I mean, Arthur wrote major works about science, particularly about space exploration. He even got a Franklin Institute Medal for his writings on satellite communication.

And Isaac Asimov authored more than 80 novels and short story collections of science fiction. And he is considered the science fiction writer of the 20th century.

No, we got it right the first time. In fact, Arthur and Isaac cemented their claims as to who was the best at what in a famous agreement. And you can learn what that agreement was - and a bit more about Arthur and Isaac and their writings - if you just click here.