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Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston

Although you may or may not agree with Charlton Heston regarding the keeping of a well-ordered militia, you do have to agree he was one of the best known and most successful actors of the 20th century.

And his most famous role? Well, that had to be that of Moses in The Ten Commandments. But we can't say that it was his most exemplary role. We wonder how many takes each scene needed for the actors to get through without guffaws, chuckles, and even out-and-out belly laughs.

But Charlton had another role that even beats the Commandments for over-the-top acting. Once rare it is now easily viewed.

On the other hand, his best role is one every one can agree on. And since everyone agrees on what it is, you probably don't need to read what it is. But you can read what is it - and a bit more about Charles, his movies, and some other stuff - if you just click here.