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Professor Mary Beard

Mary Beard

continues to receive admonitions of underrepresenting the ladies. True, there are now biographies and essays on the great sportswomen, actresses, writers, and poets, but what about the great women scholars, for crying out loud? So in the artist's response to just criticism, this grievous fault will be at least somewhat ameliorated.

Mary Beard is Professor of Classics at Cambridge University. Unlike most professors, the public knows who she is because she writes books that real people read. And of course, she's been on the telly a lot (as the British say). Even her - quote - "serious lectures" - are informational and entertaining.

There is, though, is one of her presentations that will shock! shock! the delicate minded who subscribe to . That was when she was translating a Roman inscription and used the word ...

Well, there may be some who prefer - as Chaucer said - to "turne over the leef and chese another tale" - you can click away to another "leef". But for those who want to learn a bit about Mary's - sorry, that's Professor Beard's - scholarship (and her translation), just click here.