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Billy the Kid and the Boys


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and the Lincoln County War


1. What was Billy the Kid's real name?

Henry McCarty or Henry Antrim
William Bonney or Joseph Bonney.
Joseph McCarthy or Joseph McHenry.
Josiah Scurlock or Richard Brewer

2. According to the best informed source, when and where was Billy born?

Indiana in 1863
New York City in 1859
Missouri in 1855
Texas in 1858

3. What was Billy's first crime?

He shot a man who insulted his mother.
He stole some whiskey from a local bar.
He stole some clothes at the instigation of 'Sombrero Jack'.
He stole some butter.

4. When Billy committed his most infamous murders - the double killing of William Morton and Frank Baker and the later cold blooded ambush of Sheriff William Brady and three of his deputies, what was his current employment?

A ranch hand
A cook on a ranch owned by cousins Frank and George Coe.
A deputy federal marshal.
A guard at the Lincoln County jail.

5. What's one tip off for a photograph of a Billy the Kid imposter?

He wears his pistol on his right.
He wears his pistol on his left.
He carries a Winchester with the loading breech on the left.
He carries a double action revolver, a pistol not favored by Old West gunfighters.

6. We know that Billy was shot in cold blood by his close friend Pat Garrett, nicht wahr?

False, the best scholarship has proven Billy actually escaped.
False, Pat was not the one who actually pulled the trigger. Instead it was deputy John Poe.
False, by the standards of his time, Pat's action was fully d'accord with accepted practices when a lawman was confronting a potentially dangerous fugitive.
False, Billy the Kid was not really armed.

7. What is not true about Billy the Kid's manners, behavior, and appearance?

He had a wide smile with perfect gleaming teeth.
He was unfailingly polite and courteous to women.
He drank and smoked very little, if at all.
He would let local children ride on his horse.

8. How long was Billy known as 'Billy the Kid' before he was killed?

Two years
Seven months.
Three months
Two weeks

9. How long after his death did it take for Billy to become world famous?

He was already world famous at the time of his death.
About a year afterwards when Pat Garret's book was published.
About 45 years with the appearance of Walter Noble Burns' 'The Saga of Billy the Kid'.
More than half a century and only after 'The Death of Billy the Kid' by Pat's deputy, John Poe was published by Houghton-Mifflin in 1933.

10. How and when did Pat Garrett die?

He died of diphtheria in 1892.
In 1905 he was found unconscious in the home of a lady only knowns as 'Mrs. Brown' in El Paso and died the following day.
In 1908, he was shot in the back when taking a 'Welcome Break' while traveling from his ranch into Las Cruces, New Mexico.
He died the day after receiving a copy of 'The Death of Billy the Kid' sent by his former deputy John Poe in 1933.

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