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George Washington Quiz

Take the Quiz and Celebrate the Legacy of our First President!!!!!!!


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1. In George's last letter to his mother, Mary Ball Washington, what did he write her about?

Chiding her about her complaints of poverty.
Warning her about rumors of her continued loyalty to Great Britain.
Reminding her how she once refused to let him join the British navy.
Asking her to watch her language when guests were present.

2. What did George's stepkids and step-grandkids drink at their meals?

Water and Sarsaparilla
Whiskey and Rum
Milk and Beer
Nothing as George and Martha considered it improper and unhealthful to 'wash down food' with a beverage.

3. When some ministers sent George a letter on various topics, how did he answer the question if he was a Christian?

He answered he was a devoted Christian but asked the minister not to divulge his answer.
He left the query blank.
He wrote it was none of the ministers' 'damn'd business'.
He simply replied that Native Amercians - whom George referred to as 'Indians' - should adopt Christianity, but that other Americans should be free to worship as they pleased.

4. What did George say after he made a personal visit to the United States Senate to consult about a treaty?

A bunch of lazy-lagabouts I have never seen!
I'm damn'd if I go there again!
Senator Morris certainly has a fat arse, does he not?
The next time they can come consult with me!

5. Which is an actual quote by George Washington?

Shift that fat ass, Harry, but slowly or you'll swamp the damn'd boat.
We had quitters during the Revolution too. We called them 'Kentuckians'.
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.
A wagon load of money will scarcely purchase a wagon load of provision.

6. Who accused George Washington of treason?

King George III
Benedict Arnold
Thomas Jefferson
Mary Ball Washington, George's Mother

7. What provision did George make for his slaves?

None, the story that he freed his slaves in his will is really what Thomas Jefferson did.
In his will, all the slaves at Mount Vernon were freed.
In his will, he deferred freeing his slaves until after Martha died, and then he could not free any slaves that Martha had originally owned.
He made provisions that the slaves were to be properly cared for but he only freed a handful who had served him particularly well.

8. What embarrassing event happened to George during the American Revolution?

His false teeth fell out while he was entertaining the French Admiral Rochambeau.
He once broke wind when bowing during a reception.
The wife of a fellow officer began shouting at him for some never disclosed impropriety.
The troops at Valley Forge caught him sneaking a case of expensive wine into his headquarters.

9. Martha said the most painful moment in her life was when her husband died. What did she say was the second most painful event?

A visit from Lord Cornwallis following Yorktown.
A visit from Thomas Jefferson
A visit from 'that stinking atheist' Thomas Paine.
A visit from Benedict Arnold.

10. How long did George speak at his second inauguration?

About a minute and a half.
Ten minutes
Half an hour
An hour and a half

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