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Soupy Sales

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Will Rogers said "All I know is just what I read in the papers." And so had he been around in the 1960's, he might have "known" - as one newspapers article stated - that the real name of comedian Soupy Sales was - Soupy Sales!

Of course Will also said "All I know is just what I don't read in the papers." That would be better. Soupy's real name was Milton Supman.

It must be admitted for all his fame, a lot of people found Soupy's brand of humor a bit tiresome. And yes, he did on one show tell the kids to send him the "little green pieces of paper" they can find in their parents' wallets.

But on his show - intended for young kids - he had guest stars drop by. They were among the top entertainers of their day and would sometimes take part in Soupy's skits featuring the slappiest of slapstick.

And when we mean big entertainers, we mean big - as you can find out if you just click here.


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